Attaining Sustainability by Adapting New Technologies

Posted on October 11, 2017

According to recent research by the UN “two-thirds of the world’s population is projected to face water scarcity by 2025.”

Water usage has doubled with the rate of population growth in the last century. Water companies, utilities, and other water provisioning sources are facing not only the challenges of natural calamities like droughts, but also high usage, excessive wastage, and leakages. Water shortages and high bills result in unhappy customers and eventual customer loss.

With the unprecedented pace at which natural resources are depleting, there is an increased pressure on environmentalists, policy makers, implementing agencies, and global citizens to ensure conservation. Elevated awareness is creating grounds for formulating and adopting solutions which will help attain a clean and sustainable environment.


The combination of big data analytics and cloud technologies today allows water agencies to get deeper insights into water loss, delivery, and type of end use in highly cost-effective ways. Leading companies have introduced cloud-based customer engagement mobile solutions, which give their customers insight and clarity about their energy and water bills through usage analysis and historical comparisons, thus helping the customers make informed decisions.

Additionally, customer engagement solutions also provide features such as reliable fault detection and early indications of abnormal water consumption to determine when and where there is leakage or water waste, allowing water agencies take corrective measures immediately. By using these platforms, utilities and agencies save valuable time and human resources to address conservation and water management. Customers are also encouraged through reward and incentive programs to actively participate in water conservation and community efforts to attain the goal of reduced usage and lower bills. Thus, customer engagement becomes a key component to customer retention.


Predictive algorithms can help water management companies and utilities better plan for demand and supply. As a result, utilities can better manage their resources, such as pump scheduling, tank levels, and pressure. Water utilities face intensifying pressure to improve customer service and deliver security of supply. Major business goals must be achieved against the backdrop of a fast-changing environment in which climate change, population growth, and a heightened focus on the cost of living and affordability are all playing a major role.

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