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Posted on April 25, 2017

IoT Transforming the Way We Live

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all set to transform the way we live and work by connecting physical objects, devices, appliances, networks and people, and, making the interconnected entities accessible through internet, thus giving them a digital identity. Growing interest in connected homes, electric vehicles, wearable technology and more creates tremendous opportunities in services industry g, offers businesses the opportunity to leverage customer data to improve customer experiences and in general, deliver better outcomes.

IoT has created new possibilities in home automation by integrating all home appliances and turning the available data (user activity, usage patterns, preferences, etc.) into notifications to give useful insights to home owners. In today’s fast paced lifestyle, a Smart Home is not just a luxury, but a necessity that ascertains wellbeing, convenience, accessibility, efficiency and security. Smart home technologies provide automation that monitors, manages, controls and secures the home devices and appliances in real-time remotely. This prevents unnecessary energy and water usage which would otherwise lead to higher bills and an increased burden on the customers. The concept of connected homes provides several possibilities to make lives easier, more convenient and comfortable by offering the below:

  • Increased accessibility and control
  • Higher flexibility due to wireless devices and switches
  • Home thermostat or temperature management
  • Lighting Controls
  • Leak detection & control
  • Reduced energy & water consumption
  • Extensive cost savings
  • Energy efficiency & Water Conservation

The good news is that there is a growing number of available smart home systems and services. According to a research report, “the global smart home market is worth 121.73 Billion USD by 2022. The growth of smart home market is attributed to factors such as significant advancements in technologies such as cloud, mobile, IoT; increasing focus of consumers for convenience, safety and security; and a rising demand for energy saving and low carbon-oriented solutions.

Customer-Centric Smart Home Platforms – Smart Solutions for Smart People

To make our homes and lives smart, the home appliances need to talk and interact with each other, seamlessly. Although many smart solution vendors see energy as just one part of a broader system, but, there are some who are working exclusively to create home energy management systems with a focus on customer convenience. This ensures that their technologies/ platforms can integrate multiple sensors and smart devices. The ability to integrate seamlessly results into a centralized system that integrates the home appliance and controlled via smartphones. Once all the smart devices are synced, connected & centrally controllable, consumers can easily access and manage them, even remotely. This gives them the control of home appliances and the energy they are consuming through an easy to use mobile application having an intuitive and responsive interface


Smart homes have the potential to transform our lifestyle while reducing costs, and, improving our energy and water footprint. The smart home automation market takeoff is expected to increase as the price of IoT device comes down, and the customers get to understand the benefits of these devices and their impact. Post the widespread application of smart homes, the next logical step is smart cities – the concept already stated that is taking the IoT to the next level. Thus, we foresee the massive global transformation, and a progressive move from smart homes to smart cities in near future.

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