Empowering Customers Through Self-Service Capabilities

Posted on August 15, 2017

Rapidly evolving market dynamics, emerging technologies, fewer barriers to new entrants, increased competition, and, changing customer expectations have completely transformed the utility industry landscape. The traditional approach of being service providers and focusing on just providing reliable service do not suffice any more. The customers of today are digitally empowered, socially connected and spoilt for choices, like never before. They expect their utilities to offer reliable and high quality services, give them a visibility of utility offerings, use efficiency, alerts or notifications, service updates and also help them save on bills. They look forward to getting value-added offerings and self-service capabilities from their utilities.

The utilities are pressured to increase their operational efficiency, improve customer service levels, comply with government regulations, meet customer expectations and also optimize their financial viability and profitability. All this isn’t possible without a collaborative relationship between utilities and their customers. The customers today are already hustling due to rushed lifestyle and paucity of time. They do not wish to be following up with their utilities for usage or bill correction, service restorations, etc. All these factors, irrespective of whether they are from utility or customer perspective, have altered the utility-customer equation.

Utilities could create a win-win situation for themselves and for customers by leveraging intuitive technologies and user-friendly platforms that will free up their operational processes and also manpower.

At Smart Energy Water™ (SEW™), we understand that technology can be the best enabler to balance this utility-customer equation. We have a comprehensive portfolio of innovative platforms that leverage technologies such as cloud, mobile, big data analytics and IoT. Our focused approach in customer engagement and smart analytics helps us to redefine utility-customer relationship. Our platforms help utilities to engage, educate and empower their customers through omni-channel digital engagement and self-service capabilities.

SEW is participating at the at the European Utility Week 2017, scheduled from October 3-5, 2017 at RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Being an SAP Partner, you can meet our experts at their Booth #1G17 (at the event) for live demonstrations of our award winning customer engagement platform – Smart Customer Mobile (SCM®), and, energy and water cloud analytics platform – Smart iQ (SiQ®). At EUW 2017, our team will share their insights, global experiences, use cases and best practices through three micro forum sessions.

Meeting our experts and exploring our platforms will help the attending delegates get a hands-on experience on our platforms. They will experience how SEW is redefining the traditional utility-customer relationship by facilitating a real-time, two-way communication between them. They will be able to witness the long-term positive impact that utilities can have on customer experience and customer retention by offering them self-service capabilities.

Visit SEW at Booth #1G17 to know how we are partnering with global energy and utility companies to address challenges of energy and water sustainability.

Fully customizable to fit unique requirements of utilities of all sizes; our solutions can also be tailored to support your needs. Let us help you improve the way you connect with your customers.