Delivery Manager

Posted on April 28, 2017

Encouragement to innovate gave wings to my aspirations

As the delivery manager at Smart Energy Water, I am responsible for all current and upcoming product implementations for our award-winning customer engagement platform – Smart Customer Mobile (SCM®).

I have been associated with the SEW family for almost a year now, but the warmth and amicable work culture makes it feel like I have been here for ages. It has been more of a home away from home for me because of a great team and awesome people that I am surrounded with.

I have always aspired to be the author of an idea or product that brings about a change in the society in a positive way. SEW has given me the opportunity to be in a leadership position and this has given wings to my aspirations. Whenever I am working on any project, I am aware of the fact that through technology and our innovative platforms we are creating that positive impact on our environment and the society. This gives me a feeling of immense satisfaction and belonging. SEW encourages forward-thinking and innovation, and this makes me think and be on my toes when exposed to challenges and also equip me for opportunities that might come in my future role.

I am most impressed with the horizontal structure at SEW, where the management is very approachable and all employees work autonomously and also have access to the senior management and the top executives. This has really helped to keep the work environment very positive, without any kind of bias office or politics etc.

It has been a pleasure to work with a set of industry experts who are very energetic and highly motivated individuals. Working with them has inspired me to level up my game which has brought a lot of positive change in my attitude and ethics – both personally as well as professionally. I have had an exponential learning trajectory in a very short span of time.

The cause of sustainable development has always been close to my heart. Being with SEW has helped me contribute towards it by being actively involved in developing technologies and platforms that are helping global utilities address the challenges of energy and water sustainability. Our product implementations help our clients work in close collaboration with their end customers to improve the usage efficiency and together they conserve energy and water. I look forward to a long-term association with SEW, so that I can continue to contribute towards this cause of energy and water sustainability and create a positive impact on future generations.

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