Ken Roberts
Senior Vice President, International Sales

Posted on August 8, 2017

We work hard and play harder!

It has been five (5) incredible years with SEW. The SEW team is nurturing in every sense of the word, we attain knowledge on an ongoing basis and coming to work is an exciting experience since we have goals and objectives to achieve which makes it a dynamic environment in which I thrive in. I also have a close working relationship with my colleagues which makes it a meaningful association with everyone at SEW.

My career goals have been to work in a dynamic environment that brings purpose to what I do on a daily basis and SEW has provided such an environment where I am able to reach out to 7.2 billion customers in order to ensure energy sustainability and water conservation which is a priceless experience. So just think we are making a major impact on the global energy and water markets for great purpose and I have been able to blossom into a role that has helped me achieve one of my career goals to date while at the same time making a significant contribution to mankind.

When I first started at SEW we had a major challenge of closing client opportunities since we were unknown to a risk adverse utility vertical which practically demanded a proof of concept to be awarded contracts /projects. With Deepak, Lance and the team we were able to overcome such an obstacle by being persistent thus resulting in closing our first deal that positioned us to win most of our client opportunities to date. Our first deal with one of the biggest and topmost utilities in North America is the catalyst that has helped us become the leaders in the utility industry and has become a multimillion dollar referenceable client account for SEW. Few of our clients have been recognized as leaders within the utility industry due to the world class SCM® digital customer engagement platform which has taken the industry by storm. Deepak praised the team for our efforts and what better way to be recognized for such an outstanding achievement.

The work culture at SEW is a place where we work hard while at the same time have a great deal of fun and are recognized for our contributions to the organization. We are so unique since we offer a work environment that is continually changing in order to achieve our growth objectives as an organization while offering a work culture that you can thrive in when you embrace the opportunity. The opportunities are endless which is what truly sets us apart from other organization that I have worked in the past.

My association with SEW has inspired me to become a contributor to the sustainability of energy and water conservation which is of critical importance to every human being on the planet. I attended an international conference in the UK where speakers spoke about going to war over water and that really opened my eyes to envision the reality of what could occur if we are not proactive in solving such a global challenge. I am so proud to be associated with SEW which is making a significant contribution to the sustainability of energy and water conservation on a global scale.

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