Currently, I am employed as an Account Executive with Smart Energy Water (SEW). I’ve been with the organization since November of 2014. Working with such motivated and inspiring people helps me feel like I’m a part of something bigger.

My goals have always been centered around a balance of personal growth and career advancement. SEW allows me the opportunity to achieve this balance, while enjoying the work I do and providing a wonderful workplace environment. I have always taken pride in my work, and that is well appreciated here at SEW.

Here at SEW, we have an open forum for employees to share their experiences and questions with executive staff. This is a great aspect of the company, which I’ve never experienced at past employments.

I am inspired by our clients and their consistent efforts to provide clean, reliable and affordable water and energy to the public. I’m also inspired by the industry that we are a part of. As Deepak mentioned, we play a part in a cause that is bigger than us – something so big, since water, electricity or gas touches every human being in the world in some way. We have a unique opportunity to also reach those people with our current solutions, and the solutions we’ll create to meet the needs of the future.

Being at SEW, I am now more aware of efforts around conservation and efficiency. I use water and electricity very sparingly at my home now, but once I am a homeowner I plan to do a drought tolerant landscape and leverage smart devices to help conserve energy, and of course will continue to encourage others to conserve as I am currently doing today.