Currently, I am working with SEW as Manager - Product Development .Net (dot net). I am working in major implementations, integrations and add-ons for Smart Customer Mobile (SCM®). It’s a privilege to work on developing and enhancing our company’s flagship product. But with it, also comes a great responsibility to always align your efforts develop a high quality, best-in-class and customer-centric platform, and, always be focused on delivering value to end-users.

I have been associated with SEW for more than five (5) years now. Looking back makes me feel so content with this journey as I have had the opportunity to work on challenging and interesting projects, something that I always wanted to do. It has been quite a learning for me as I worked on several implementations and I am proud to be part of the first client deployment for SCM®.

I wish to develop my technical competence - to be able to design project architecture and provide solutions for complex problems. Each day in SEW gives me ample opportunities to expand my capabilities through base product development, R&D, integrations and implementations. I appreciate the management for believing in my capabilities and giving me an opportunity to learn and grow. I have won several awards and recognitions for my work, including the runner-up award for being the “Employee of the Year”.

A striking aspect that sets SEW’s work culture apart from other organizations is that the management has a very open approach. SEW encourages innovation and gives us a free hand to test new ideas and come up with latest product enhancements. The management here is very supportive and is willing to take chances and support the team to drive new ideas forward. This really inspires me to be on my toes and try to come up with innovative ideas on product and process improvement.

Working with SEW has made me aware about using energy and water efficiently. I have become mindful about how each of us can contribute to the larger cause of energy efficiency and water conservation. I am really proud to be a part of this vision as through our product we are able to make a direct and positive impact in lives of billions of people.