Mobile Digital Transformation

Leaving Nothing Untouched

Posted on June 15, 2015

Using a mobile app to call an Uber, order food delivery online, switching on your home air conditioner before reaching home is all part of the mobile digital revolution.

Digital mobility is everywhere and it is transforming the way people consume services and more so, the way services are provided. With the growth of the smartphone on a global basis, the smartphone has become an extension of ourselves. The convenience factor it provides allows all of us to take friction out of the process and save time in our daily lives, whether it is a person in New York City or one in a village in India.

As consumers have embraced this digital mobile shift, Businesses are now focusing on transforming the way they conduct business, with consumers rewarding those who welcome the shift and, at the same time, punishing those who fail to adopt. However amidst all the discussions, it is worth stepping back to analyze what “Digital Mobile” really means. In the given scenario and environment, Digital Mobility is much more than a shift in technology: it is simply, a transformation of how we interact with the world.

Consumers love the choices and convenience provided by mobility. It is now a natural extension for them to text an emoji to order a pizza on their phone while watching their favorite sitcom. This behavioral shift has taken place with millennials while other generations are adopting to maximize consumer involvement. We are now at a spot where all generations cannot visualize a world without mobility, social networking, instant messaging or ecommerce.

However, companies have to be ahead of this digital mobility shift and take a mobile first strategy before it’s too late and they are left behind.

Take for instance, the utility industry. Customers spend only minutes a year interacting with their utility provider. However while utilities move through this transformation from demand services to a managed services approach, they are increasing adoption of technologies such as cloud based software, big data analytics, mobility platforms and Internet of Things. These platforms allow the utilities to analyze an enormous amount of data that is being acquired through smart meters, smart grid, customer engagement platforms, etc. This data allows utilities to further learn about their customers’ usage patterns and demographics, and with such knowledge, can educate and motivate customers through targeted marketing campaigns. These campaigns are aimed at inducing behavioral changes amongst various customer segments to monitor and manage their consumption and help the utility meet its efficiency and water conservation goals. For the utility, this results in improved operational efficiency, revenue maximization, asset and workforce optimization and increased customer satisfaction. These technology platforms also help in reinventing the utility customer relationship through real-time, two-way communication.

So as customers are now expecting the same level of service from their utilities as they expect from other companies like Amazon, Uber, etc., the ideal platform for this two-way communication is the mobile platform. Utilities realize that mobile can help shape consumer behavior for smarter energy usage by encouraging demand response. Demand response – or just having consumers turn things off during peak usage periods – is one way to get the benefits of better technology and the smart grid without having to invest heavily in technology. Mobile can help consumers manage and track their energy usage in near real-time and at their convenience.

Digital mobility and associated platforms promise a new erafor Businesses to engage with their customers. Smart Utility Systems’ Cloud, Mobile and IoT technologies are impacting these utilities by enabling effective customer engagement, improving service levels and delivering critical business insights through big data analytics. Smart Utility Systems, is thus, redefining the utility-customer relationship and supporting our utility clients in their business initiatives.

Fully customizable to fit unique requirements of utilities of all sizes; our solutions can also be tailored to support your needs. Let us help you improve the way you connect with your customers.