#1 Digital Customer Engagement Platform

SCM® is an award-winning digital customer engagement platform that provides self-service capabilities to utility customers and simplifies utility-customer interactions for a better customer experience.

Account Management

Offer your customers the convenience to maintain account details and pay their bill, through a user-friendly interface.

Track Energy and Water Consumption

Simple and intuitive ways to track, Electric, Water and Gas usage allowing both customers and utilities to make more informed decisions.

Two-Way Communication

Our user-friendly interface provides a convenient way to alert your customers when outages occur or answer simple customer service inquiries.

Keep Customers Informed

Deliver personalized two-way multi-channel notifications to your customers via Email, SMS, IVR, Push notifications.


Enhance Utility-Customer Communication

Reduce Call Volume

Reduce Customer Care Expense

Increase Customer Adoption

Improve Customer Experience

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Reduce Energy and Water Usage

Achieve Sustainability Goals