#1 Digital Mobile Workforce Engagement Platform

SMW® helps utilities improve productivity and efficiency of field personnel by providing job, safety and asset related information in real-time on any mobile device including smartphones and tablets.

Manage Assets

SMW® allows your workforce to view, search and report missing assets and schedule regular inspections anytime.

Training On-The-Go

Mobile Library delivers customized training material and provides immediate access to training and safety manuals both in online and offline mode.

Stay Connected

With enterprise social networking / collaboration connect instantly with workers and groups, irrespective of departments and geographic location.

Schedule & Dispatch

Allow the utility personnel to plan, schedule, and dispatch multiple work orders and reduce the mean time to repair.

Manage Your Work Orders and Assets

Create and manage work orders, report missing assets and schedule regular inspections anytime.


Increase Workforce Productivity

Improve Worker Utilization

Higher Operational Efficiency

Increase Workforce Engagement

Improve Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Improve Asset Utilization

Live Access to Training Materials

Real-Time Communication