Empowering customers to find answers to their problems!

A recent study by Forrester states that interacting with a live agent can cost $6 - $12 per interaction, while an automated interaction on the IVR can cost as little as 25 cents.

The digital revolution has hit the utility sector by storm. With Utility customers demanding more choice & convenience of conducting their own transactions on their own & in their own time. Personalized services and proactive cost saving tips can be counted as some of the major expectation of today’s customers. Customers aren’t just embracing the do-it-yourself model of customer support, but they are demanding it. They want to be self-reliant & don’t want to take out time to talk with a customer service representative. They know that being self-sufficient is often faster & more reliable.

Customers are eager to use self-service for a better experience & smart utilities sees this as an opportunity to serve them better. Anything a customer would want an information on should be accessible online. Self service capabilities provide the customer with an uninterrupted channel to communicate to utility through an interactive and simple platform. It empowers the customer by sharing all the relevant, high impact information in a meaningful and result oriented manner. If customer raises queries, utilities can resolve them swiftly in turn increasing operational efficiency. Utilities can understand customer behavior, patterns & preferences & accordingly can offer best options to suit their needs & requirements.

The key element that utilities need to consider today in their self-service initiative is personalization. Customers value tailored experiences. But, building stronger customer relationships requires getting to know the customer on a personal level. In fact, personalization is what relationships are based on – and for utilities, the key to personalization is data. It’s important for utilities to first understand both customer data & behavioral data, then accordingly offer customers with customized service.

Self-service is both web & mobile friendly, includes live chat options, have search functionality and much more. When events like outages occur customers will first try to find a way to answer their questions themselves before trying to interact with someone from utility. Utilities achieving their customer experience goals through digital innovation are committed to get an overall improvement in their customer communications & customer service.

Investing in robust self-service options improves the customer experience and allows a utility to redeploy resources, streamline processes and more efficiently manage customer operations. It is an opportunity to enhance customer relationships, deliver new, innovative services and differentiate through exemplary customer experiences. It's time for utilities to reap the rewards!