Water Conservation – The Time to Act is Now!

Posted on May 2, 2017

Water Crisis – A Global Phenomenon

The rate at which world population is growing, it is likely to overrun the Earth’s carrying capacity. Furthermore, the rate at which mankind is overusing the available resources, it is likely to cause a major strain on life-sustaining resources such as water and energy. Currently, more than 650 million people lack access to clean water, a billion do not have electricity and this situation will only get worse with the increasing population. As a report highlights–, by 2035, the world’s energy consumption will increase by 35%, while the water consumption is expected to increase by 85%. Thus, there is a compelling need to focus on sustainable development.

Unfortunately, today water scarcity affects every continent and country – developed or developing. We live in times where access to safe drinking water is a major challenge, yet we continue to take the availability for granted. If we do not take cognizance of the situation and act now, the time is not too far when access to clean and potable water will become an indulgence. It is very important that all stakeholders, including the water utilities, municipalities, government agencies, technology service providers and citizens act together and do everything possible to conserve water.

Technology Comes to The Rescue

Smart Energy Water (SEW) abides by the vision of leveraging technology to come up with innovate solutions that can help global utilities address the challenges of energy and water sustainability. Keeping this in view, SEW launched a free app called Smart H2O that is freely available to all citizens and allows them to report water waste very easily and quickly.

Making an Impact – Use Cases in California & India!

We launched the app in California when the state was struggling with severe water crisis and Governor Jerry Brown had declared it a drought emergency. To tackle this, utilities were given a mandates to conserve water and comply with state-wide water restrictions. Through Smart H2O, we facilitated citizens to click pictures of leaking pipes, faucets or any other type of water waste and share it with the concerned authorities. This empowered them to play an active role in conserving water.

India is the second most populous country in the world which for obvious reasons has strained existing water resources. There has been poor formulation and implementation of water specific policies, which further affects the availability of replenishable water resources. The fact that the economy is agri-based, adds to the pressure on India’s aquifers. Thus, there is an urgent need of technological intervention to ensure water wastage is bought to notice of authorities at the earliest and corrective measures are taken. Thus, recently we launched the app in India as well as it has registered several drought-hid regions in the past few months.

A New Beginning

Through Smart H2O, we look forward to help global utilities, municipal boards and government agencies to curb the water waste; and, involve and engage citizens to partner with them to conserve water and “BE WATER HEROES”. However, this is not just the end, instead a new beginning, where Smart H2O is yet another leap towards a water sustainable future.

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