Making Water Conservation A Way of Life

Posted on March 28, 2017

Water scarcity: Need to Act Now!

With California experiencing a serious drought since four consecutive years, Governor Jerry Brown of California had clearly warned the world that the weather that’s happening in California will show up in other parts of the world. The situation is expected to worsen in the near future as our river beds have been diminishing due to extreme weather conditions. The fear that we might run out of water soon do not seem too far-fetched. Industry needs to take cognizance of the global challenge of water scarcity & should make efforts to come up with innovations that can help communities achieve a sustainable future. Utilities around the globe have realized for the better, the need to collaborate with their customers to effectively counter the challenge of water conservation. Through effective customer education & awareness, global utilities can make their consumers proactive in using water wisely, report water waste and be their partners in achieving state mandates on water conservation.

Active Collaboration of Utilities with their Customer!!

The utility industry is now embracing technologies such as cloud, mobile, big data analytics and IoT devices. The objective being improving operational efficiency and increasing profitability. However, the question remains “How do these technologies fit in the broader spectrum of an energy and water sustainable future?”

With the help of digital platforms, utilities can enhance their customer experience by providing them real-time access to their consumption, transparency in their bills, real-time two-way communication, analyze their usage patterns and behaviors, helping them report leakages and water waste, send them periodic push notifications with water saving tips. Using big data analytics, utilities can process their consumption data. Based on the usage patterns, utilities can define different customer segments, create and roll out customized water conservation programs. Thus, through effective customer engagement, utilities can roll out customer awareness & educational campaigns and encourage them to be active participants in water saving endeavors. With continuous monitoring of usage, the customers are enabled to make informed decisions & improve their water use efficiency. The platforms also provide a user-friendly capability to conveniently report water waste, theft or water violations using their smartphones or tablets.

Hence, embracing these technologies is a not just an option but a mandatory requirement for global utilities if they want to mitigate the challenges associated with depleting fresh water resources. Along with the adoption of advanced technologies, a collaborative approach between utilities and their customers is a must-have for communities that are seeking a sustainable future.

Join Hands to Save Water as Every Drop Counts!

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