The age of renaissance is in offing with the advent of AI & ML in the customer experience realm. AI and Machine Learning is not to be counted as just another piece of innovation; it is all set to transform the way customers are engaged to change the face of Customer Experience (CX).

The magnitude of the effect is for everyone to see, with patrons across industries foreseeing a big shift in the way customer are being served. Slowly and steadily, the utility industry too is accepting this reform in all its might. For utilities, AI and ML is being used to initiate a purchase, make payments, report an outage, and raise service requests. Utility customer service is now being replaced by AI driven virtual assistants and chatbots and this will rule the roost in the days to come.

Gartner predicts that AI-derived business will triple to $3.9 trillion by 2022 with improvements to customer experience key to this growth. The use of AI in customer engagement is expected to garner higher returns by fastening speed and efficiency, thereby leading to enhanced customer experience. Online Payments, a key area of concern for seamless customer experience, is poised to witness a major boost via AI and smart home devices, where a voice command is all that’s needed to make a secure and hassle-free transaction. And, then there’s the chatbot that is championing the way businesses interact with their customers. It has redefined customer service, by making 24*7 instantaneous customer supports a possibility.

Personalized offerings are always welcome and looked up to by customers. Such services allow organizations to carve out a specific service to suit every customer need to make them feel valued and regarded. AI undoubtedly is creating a wave by helping deliver individual offerings to customers. Through careful and intelligent prediction, AI allows service customization to promote and augment customer experience.

It’s rightly said, the best way to engage customers is by making them self- reliant. The more equipped they will be, the more engaged they would be. And, AI and ML necessarily has a gigantic role to play in making this a reality. Will it be a disruptor or an enabler, only time will tell. But customers look forward to simplified processes and amplified experiences and AI and ML has certainly managed to carve a niche for itself in this battle for delivering the best customer experience.